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Home Staging is an art used to maximize the architectural features of a property & transform the property into an environment that is appealing and in line with current buyer trends.  The goal is to spark an emotional connection with buyers and creating a "visual picture" wherein they see themselves living in this home.  Most buyers don't have the ability to view your home as their own.  This is where a simple, clean blank canvas can create a beautiful setting for them to imagine their own memories in.  They often focus on the wrong things and miss the true beauty of a home with the wrong presentation, too much furniture or personal items, etc. 


The process entails a combination of possible utilization of current items in the home as well as additions from the staging company.  Too much can create a busy look and make it feel cramped, even though it may have been the perfect amount of seating for your personal needs.  This is an example of the expertise our designers bring in to help sellers highlight all of the beauty as well as the space in their home. 


Serving Owasso, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Sapulpa, Bixby, Catoosa, and surrounding metroplex areas.  We offer everything from consultations to vacant home staging.  We want to help sellers get the most return on their home investment with simple changes and additions to help create magazine cover worthy spaces.  This art includes merchandising, specific uses of color in correspondence with buyer trends, arranging of furniture, wall art, and decorative accessories as well as update suggestions to things like room colors or lighting.  With over 20 years in the real estate business we bring a unique expertise to your home that understands current buyer trends, design styles, best uses of space and how to highlight your homes features.

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We offer a variety of packages for you to chose from...

~ Consultations

~ Light Staging or "Touch Ups"

~ Full Staging or "The Works"

~ Vacant Home Staging or "The Works for vacant homes"

~ Corporate Housing Set-up

~ Apartment Homes Model Design & Set Up including Corporate Units

~ Interior Design / Upgrades Consultations & Project Oversight

Our services page has more in depth information on the aforementioned packages


Staged today.... SOLD tomorrow...

If you are thinking of selling your home, we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about how staging can give you a fantastic shot at selling your home for more.  We run our business with a servant's heart and want to help you understand how this effective tool call "staging" can truly benefit you.  We have also seen staging help homeowners sell quicker with less intrusion of showings and fewer days on market, and at times producing multiple buyers for the seller to consider.  Staging is not a large expense to you and offers a solid, proven track record.  We look forward to speaking with you soon and being a huge value add to you selling your home....


1 hour consultation in the home to help you understand changes we suggest.

This will include a post meeting email with easy to follow, step by step instructions with our staging recommendations that includes specific instructions and pictures to help guide you.

We will also include options or recommendations of the package we suggest.

Touch Ups

Consultation in the home including a post meeting email with easy to follow, step by step instructions for staging recommendations including specifics and pictures.   Will provide some staging items including some bedding, wall art, decorative items, rugs, throws, accent pillows, towels, shower curtains and florals to help improve the main areas in the home 

*Additional rooms can be added on.

The Works 

Consultation in the home including a post meeting email with easy to follow, step by step instructions for staging recommendations including specifics and pictures.  Staging items including some furniture in some main areas of the home, wall art, decorative pieces, throws, rugs, accent pillows, mirrors, curtains in some areas, towels, shower curtains, and florals..

Please see Services page for full details 


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